Welcome To St.Mary's Church Kalluvayal

  • "Welcome To St.Mary's Church Kalluvayal"
  • "Welcome To St.Mary's Church Kalluvayal"

A temporary building was constructed for the church as per the instruction from the Cherukkattur Parish Priest. Because of the inconvenience to offer Holy Mass in that building, a part of the forest bunglow was purchased th an auction. And the wood and roof tiles fro that were building used for the construction of the church in 1962.

Following the ordinance from the Bishop of Thalassery Diocese Very Rev. Sebastian Valloppilly, Rev. Fr. Francis Valayil blessed the church and cemetery and offered the Holy Mass. Fr. Valayil was transferred and Fr. Joseph Pariyaram took the charge as the Cherukattur Parish Priest and he offered holy mass every Sunday evening. At that time there was increase in the number of families in the parish and is informed to the Bishop about the need of a permanent parish priest. Mr. Monippillil Kuriakose and family used to give food and accoodation for the priests who offered Holy Mass. At that sitvation Parishioners constructed a temporary church room under the guidance of Fr. Joseph Pariyarath.

Nowadays the attack from the wild animals like Elephant, Wild boar, Monkey were increased while In 1962 there was rare attacks from wild elephants. It is evident from the death of Mr.Joseph Vadkath Mathai�s son who was killed by an elephant at the Church premises. Still it is a painful memory. To reach the nearby markets from Neervaram a river must be crossed. At that time there was no ferry. The Jankar (Changadam) made by bamboo poles known as Pandi was used to cross the rivers. Travelling was very difficult at the rainy season due to flood and under current. Travelling from Panamaram to Neervaram and its adjacent places like Nadavayal, Pulpally was also difficult because there was no bridge across the Panamaram small river.

Later a bridge was constructed with the co-operation of natives under the leadership of the Headmaster of Nadavayal High School Rev. Fr. John Mannanal. Unfortunately the present condition of the bridge is in danger. Construction of the Punchavayal-Kattikulam road got permission by including in the MLA Fund Scheme of Ex. MLA Late Mr. K. Raghavan Master. The increase in the water level ade the transportation trough the Neervaram river more difficult. The face of this region was totally changed after the construction of the bridge under the second phase of the MLA�s Road scheme. After the completion of the bridges that connect between Panamaram, Manathavady rivers and Bassinakkara, Koodalkkavu this route can be connected to Mananthavady and Kuruva Islands. Now the renovation works of the road is in progress was conducting by using the funds from Tourism Department. If a bridge can be constructed through Panamaram river to the Kelom jetty, the natives can travel easily to Mananthavady and other places. Through this the educational facilities for the outside students can be possible at Neervaram Government Higher Secondary School.