Welcome To St.Mary's Church Kalluvayal

  • "Welcome To St.Mary's Church Kalluvayal"
  • "Welcome To St.Mary's Church Kalluvayal"

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Early days of Kalluvayal people was very hard. They are in poverty and suffering various kinds of diseases. Nobody can own strong houses. The walls of the houses are built by using broken bamboo poles and the roofs are sheeted with straw. Today these types of houses are very rare. Earlier Wayanad was not a district. Today�s Wayanad district was earlier in Kannur and Kozhikode districts respectively. Wayand district was formed in 1980. Today Wayanad district attain the status of an independent district with other districts by step by step growth in the fields of education, culture, and finance.

Former Vicars

Rev.Fr.Thomas Mannaramparapil(1970-1972)

Rev.Fr.Mathew Plathottam(1972-1974)

Rev.Fr.George Mampally(1974-1977)

Rev.Fr.George Kannappilly(1977-1978)

Rev.Fr.Joseph Pinnakkatttu(1978-1981)

Rev.Fr.Emmanuel Valakkamattom(1981-1984)

Rev.Fr.Pious Chittilappally(1984-1985)

Rev.Fr.George Kunnath(1985-1990)

Rev.Fr.Sebastian Koyippuram(1990-1991)

Rev.Fr.Johny Ilavunkal(1991-1995)

Rev.Fr.Tomy Kochupara(1995-1999)

Rev.Fr.Joseph Thuruthel(1999-2002)

Rev.Fr.Jose Chakkittakkudy(2002-2006)

Rev.Fr.Francis Kuthukallunkal(2006-2010)

Rev.Fr.Thomas Vazhachalil(2010-Present)